Yamaha P115 For the Music Professional

As much as you want to purchase a quality grand piano, the budget doesn’t allow it. But it doesn’t mean you should stop from aiming for it. Instead of totally deviating from course, try out the other alternative options. This can be done while you’re saving up for your dream piano.

The advantage of purchasing a digital piano: you’re not going to spend too much for it and still be able to play to your heart’s content. The same quality for the sound is expected.

The disadvantage of buying a digital piano: there are just too many options. And if you make a mistake and decide on the wrong one, you will surely regret it. The quality of sound is easily affected by what you choose.

If you’re currently debating with yourself about which brand or unit to purchase, you might want to consider a good suggestion– the Yamaha P115 is earning good reviews for performance and functionality. Below are several features you might want to review.

Professional quality sound. The most important feature is the quality of its sound. It’s not worth purchasing if you don’t agree with how it sounds. With the four-speaker feature and top-of-the-line systems, even professionals are impressed by how good it sounds. You’ll surely be inspired to make good music as well.

Four-Level touch-sensitive keys. Weighted keys are preferred by many. These are the types of keys that will easily change volume depending on how hard you press. It’s quite different from hammer-action keys that is common with traditional piano structures. The hammer refers to the small pedal you place your foot on when playing the piano. Weighted keys are more convenient for others. And with the four-level sensitivity option, you can easily regulate the volume of your tones.

Lightweight and portable. Even musicians wouldn’t stay in their studios all the time. They have to go to events and gigs. In cases like these, it’ll be very convenient if they can easily take their instrument with them. The portable feature is also helpful during the times you wish to play in other places aside from your studio.

Full 88-key range. The other digital piano options can’t accommodate the full set of keys that will make it function like an ‘actual’ piano. You will need all 88 keys for that. And this is what you get to play with if you ever purchase this particular unit. No matter how similar the sound of the others might be, if the keys are not in the right number, there will still be a difference. Every piano player knows that it isn’t enough at specific times.





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