A lot of gamers especially children who play Roblox that this game is way a lot better than Minecraft and they can even compare everything with regards to a lot of aspects especially when it comes to creating all the way to kid-friendliness that makes these two highly-popular video games separate from one another.

Minecraft and Roblox are very popular sandbox-style massively multiplayer role-playing games, with both games let you build your own world, meet players online, and of course hooks you up for hours. It also has its own very supportive online communities where fellow players socialize with other and can play cooperatively anytime. However, Roblox and Minecraft have actually many differences if you dig deeper between these two games.

In this article, we listed down some of its key elements which makes it distinctively different from one another.


Minecraft is for players best at age eight and up. This game has its open-ended exploration and creation-focused environment which lets players build their own items and buildings from scratch using the materials that they harvested from the virtual world around the game while Roblox is for kids ages ten and up where you will also get to create your own world that can be turned into an actual game where your fellow players can play freely. What makes it better than Minecraft is that you can design your own game and upload it to the community so that other players can play in a multiplayer environment.

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Minecraft is quite expensive compared to Roblox with a higher initial cost of $26.95 for the PC and Mac versions while Roblox can be played online freely and it also has its own premium accounts where you have to pay to register.

Roblox just like what we mentioned above lets you design and play your games freely but you are only limited to develop your own games and you are required to register or subscribe to its paid gaming system where the real fun stuff can be found. There, you can customize the appearance of your avatar, buy or trade weapons, and create more games in your profile. Roblox’s entry-level membership fee is $5.95 a month.


Both games are actually quite challenging considering that both are also unique to each other. Minecraft does not give you any tutorials but gives you an option to choose three different levels of difficulty. The game is usually exploration, experimentation, and streaming videos of other users as for Roblox, where you can play in two different modes; playing and creating. Playing gives you the chance to experience what the games other users developed in their profile which is actually have an enormous list and has different genres of gameplay while creating gives you the chance to share your unique idea of gameplay by letting other players play your created game.


Both games are in a multiplayer scene, where Minecraft tends to be more of a solo-play style of game while Roblox mainly focuses on socializing everyone from the time you sign in to play. This means that Roblox dedicated more of its environment to know each other even when they are not playing a game.

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