Compared to before, car shoppers nowadays are wiser when it comes to buying cars, and it is not a surprise anymore considering that we can conveniently make a little homework or a research what car fits our needs and where to shop for one.

They could either ask for referrals from relatives, friends, co-workers or they could easily open up Google and type in the best dealerships available in their area while another source which makes an effective way to look for best quality vehicles is through online reviews which are very influential with the consumers nowadays.

Online reviews are first-hand testimonies and experiences of consumers who purchased a vehicle in a particular car dealership. For some extent, dealerships do not have full control of what consumers say with their reviews which creates a healthy transparency, except for people who just want to badmouth a dealership for no reason.

Online reviews ensure a company a reflection of its overall service to its customers. It could either invite or keep customers away for some reasons. Majority of online reviews are usually divided by satisfied and disgruntled consumers that is why it is important for you to weigh-in their testimonies and reviews of that particular dealership, but to make it easier for you, just simply choose the dealership which earned more positive ratings and reviews compared to the other one, or much better take time read reviews and expand your research, besides, it is you who wants to ensure to buy nothing but the best vehicle out there.

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In this article from our friends in a BMW dealership Chicago, let us discuss a short topic about the things that consumers motivate to write five-star reviews of a car dealership so that you can easily learn and point out which car dealership should be trusted and should not.

Most of the time reviews always begin by stating keywords or phrases repeatedly as a way to describe their experience with the car dealership. They could either be saying “No-pressure, did not feel rushed”, “trustworthy”, “always listen to my needs”, “No games, straight to the point”, “quick and clear communication”, and a lot more.

Also, customers always take notice and not to forget to mention on their reviews about the little extras that the dealership offered to them, like offering them a cup of coffee, giving them Wi-Fi passwords, give them a good comfortable seat in an airconditioned room while waiting for their car’s papers to be processed and a lot more, and these little extra things make up a good dealership, because they can even give you a little empathy and extra service, how much more with the main service they offer you? That one thing alone motivates customers to give good and positive reviews to a particular car dealership. Good reviews do not just appear to mainstream car brands, it all depends on how the dealership handles its customers.

Having an exceptional experience from a customer’s standpoint is always uplifting regardless if the customer did not buy a car, for sure, their referrals to their friends, relatives and co-workers will surely give them an idea where to visit when they are planning to buy a car.