What are the different types of treatments for your fascia? Find out here

There are a lot of alternative medicines and alternative therapies for different medical conditions nowadays which a lot of people have positively embraced and patronize, however, there is one distinct therapy that they called fascia blasting which is making rounds on social media and like cupping and chiropractic, it has a lot of people talking about it.

However, the biggest question there is, is it effective? Well, to tell you the truth, for many, especially those who have tried it. This, of course, depends on you if you want to try it and if you are one of those who is always active, treating your fascia can be safe and harmless and certainly do not put you in a life and death situation.

Before you even dive into knowing about Fascia Blasting or FasciaBlaster, what is fascia anyway? Each person around the world has it, it is inside your body. To explain it you in a layman’s term, fascia is your body’s connective tissue which surrounds your muscles and your organs as well. A lot of experts use a lot of creative imagery and illustrations to explain it simply to everyone. To describe it to you simply, it is a fibrous layer that you will also have to peel once you have peeled the outer skin of an orange. Meaning it is a protective plastic wrap that secures everything in your body, from muscles, bones, and organs.

Even medical experts are puzzled about the existence of fascia, and all they can explain about this is that it is a tissue which supports muscles and organs where each movement you make and each step you take especially if you are engaging in a physical activity, your fascia tends to clamp up and also adhere to itself and other structures in your body like your muscles, your bones, and your skin. A lot of people mistaken fascia as a sheet of fat, however, it is actually a protective tissue.

FasciaBlaster therapy

Fascia has a texture of stiffness and rigid that is why if you overstretch or maintain the same position for a long time, it will cause you pain, discomfort, and tightness which is why a lot of people are resorting to getting FasciaBlaster therapy or fascia blasting which relieves the pain and discomfort by putting your fascia back into its natural position in your body.

In the world of modern medicine, a lot of doctors do not have full explanations or even knowledge of exactly what fascia is, however, there are also a lot of doctors get some adhesions to fascia and tissue which causes irritation and the pain.

There are also other forms of therapy to alleviate the tension in your fascia tissue which uses a roller made up of stiff foam that is also known as the self-myofascial release which seemed to be also one of the top choices for many people to treat their discomfort.

According to medical experts, the different therapies of fascia is likened to be combing your hair that is matted and messy. The therapy is the one that smoothens it out. Before you even decide to choose a fascia therapy, you have to consult your doctor first.