The Benefits of Using Kevlar

What is Kevlar? You’ve probably heard of some members of the police or army to wear special Kevlar jackets. The material is known as an aromatic polyamide, which is better known as Kevlar. The material is known as a high strength organic fiber with an intermediate modulus. It contains low thermal shrinkage with high tenacity.

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When looking at its properties on paper, Kevlar has similar features to S glass. Both materials have a strong innate flame resistance, and both are self-extinguishing. Also, both Kevlar and S glass have a charring point of 800 degrees Fahrenheit (425 degrees Celsius). On the part of Kevlar, it’s also resistant to cuts and it also has excellent abrasion. Read on to know some of the top benefits of using Kevlar on different items.

A Must-Have for Body Armors

Have you ever seen a show on TV focusing on the police, army, or the people that serve the public for the greater good? Then you might have heard of them sporting Kevlar body armor. What’s so great about this material than other woven fabrics for body armor? In a word – plenty; Kevlar body armor takes advantage of a uniquely engineered technology that’s different from other materials and constructions used in the creation of body protecting gear. There are some materials that do leave much to be desired. As for Kevlar, it’s highly resistant to cuts, abrasions, wear, tear, and chips, making it the perfect partner for getting in the line of duty. There are even some Kevlar variants with additional padding or an extra layer of the material to protect the wearer from certain bullets and gunfire.

An Architect’s Dream

Aside from using it as an integral part of body armor, many architects around the globe favor Kevlar over other materials for ballistic protection or structural reinforcement. It’s because this specially woven fabric performs well above others, and it’s very lightweight. Not to mention that it’s quite easy to integrate into an establishment which makes installation times shorter than other construction materials for a similar purpose. Kevlar can protect different areas of a building from bank counters to seismic shear walls. The dawn of Kevlar revolutionized how structures are built. Many modern architectures now share a highly flexible yet structurally reliable construction because of this material.

For Safer Air Travel

There are many people around the world who absolutely fear heights. Some might even get scared when they see the ground from a few floors up into a building. With that in mind, can you imagine the fear when they’re flying inside an airplane? Air travel is now safer than ever before thanks to the use of Kevlar. There are now many aircrafts that use this very strong material in different areas. Kevlar is now seen to be used on a number of aircraft locations, such as the following: landing gear doors, aircraft cabin flooring and interiors, control surfaces, wing boxes, engine nacelles, and filament-wound pressure bottles. Some airlines will even use Kevlar on engine containment rings to assist in the catching of errant fan blades. The material can also effectively catch any massive broken parts that might fling outward because of the engine’s centrifugal force.

Stronger Fiber Optic Cables

The use of fiber optic cables has both been a blessing and a bane for many. For example, the use of fiber optics for delivering Internet connection allows for faster browsing speeds, unlike standard DSL connections. However, it’s also known that fiber optics are weaker than other types of cables. One wrong move and you’re looking at a repair job. The use of Kevlar to shield fiber optic cables can help enhance the protection of these wires. As a result, you won’t have to worry about Internet disconnections anytime soon (as long as you pay your bill on time).

In truth, there are many other benefits and uses for Kevlar. If you need to purchase kevlar fabrics, always go for a reliable source.