San Lorenzo 46 Steel for Complete Cruise Comfort

Complete Cruise Comfort

SAN LORENZO 46 STEEL is a uniquely designed five-deck yacht, which is 46 meters long. It features an aluminum superstructure and a steel displacement hull.  Many outstanding features are included on the yacht, like a starboard-side tender garage, a beach club that comes with the folding transom and several other features. The tender garage ensures that the upper deck is uncluttered for guests use.

Furthermore, the anti-vibration construction of the yacht adds to the level of comfort enjoyed by the guests on board by reducing the noise of the machinery. The yacht is astonishing and gives the top value of money.

Guests on the SAN LORENZO 46 STEEL will equally have access to a fly-bridge that provides a panoramic view of the sea and closes by lands.  Each guest will have access to a lot of space, and this furthers the comfort of the guests on board. If you need a yacht that provides top-line comfort without a compromise, then this is the best yacht for you.

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Exciting interior and exterior designs

The innovative inclusions in the SAN LORENZO 46 STEEL make it unique in all sense of the word. The exterior is beautifully polished, and the interior is super stylish. However, the most outstanding selling points of this yacht are somewhat discreet, which is the under lower deck, a tunnel running across the entire length of the yacht from the engine room to the bow.  The tunnel provides easy access to the extra freezer and cold-storage rooms. It also ensures the crew members can perform tasks discreetly without disturbing any of the guests.

Furthermore, the under lower deck acts as the laundry area; various machinery, like the bow thruster and the stabilizer, can equally be stored here.  Many of the yachts of similar size as the SAN LORENZO 46 STEEL do not have service deck or machinery, which is one of the features that set the SAN LORENZO 46 STEEL apart from the others, transforming it to an award-winning yacht.

Other unique features

The other features of the SAN LORENZO 46 STEEL are highlighted below:

  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 45,000 liters
  • The yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests and nine crew members
  • Its overall length is 46 meters, while its maximum beam is 9.3 meters
  • On the other hand, its draught at full load is 2.65 meters
  • Its maximum speed is 17 knots


SAN LORENZO 46 STEEL is designed to give top value for money. The comfort and pleasure available on board are incomparable to what oblation onboard any other yacht in the same category.