Sweat With Kayla: An Honest Look At The New App

Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal fitness trainer that’s currently trending because of her effective Bikini Body Guide program. The positive reviews and feedback have been circulating on the internet. And with this, more and more people have decided to subscribe and purchase the ebook. Today, Kayla has something new for her followers. It’s the Sweat with Kayla app that the community wants to know about. If you’re considering the app download, it’s necessary to read Sweat With Kayla Review for the app first.

BBG Guide

The good things:

Easy-to-follow. Other people find it hard to navigate with new apps. It’s alien to them and it’s also something that will take time. Many have experienced this and they feel frustrated. The good thing about the app is it can easily be navigated through. You’re also more aware of where you’re going. The design is comprehensive and pretty enough to keep you interested.

The BBG Guide is already incorporated. Those who are familiar with the BBG ebook can actually find this specific feature very amazing. If you’re still in the middle of your guide, you can start off with the specific week with the app. And you’ll be shown the things you need to do for a specific day. Like the program, the free meal guide is already provided as well.

The not-so-good things:

Costly compared to the BBG. You’ll be required to pay for an advanced three-month subscription. And it’s costlier than the full program of the BBG ebook. Others find it understandable especially since there are new things in the app which is not found in the previous guide. But others are reluctant in subscribing.

The first weeks offer nothing new. The first few weeks of the app isn’t something that offers new things. If you’re new to it, this will surely be very effective. But the previous users are already used to these options. The exercises, although effective, are still the same. You won’t notice anything new until way past week 24.

Canceling subscription deletes all your data. If you decide to cancel the subscription, it means you’ll lose all your data. The exercise will be lost along with the progress tracker you have.

The main conclusion, new users can actually benefit from this and can find the whole thing exciting and good. It’s also something that many find highly effective. This can be observed from the positive feedback from the BBG ebook series alone. But veteran users of the program find it quite disappointing especially since it offers less of the new things. To put it simply, it’s only recycling what was made. To be more certain of your choice Sweat With Kayla before you pay for anything learn more here.