Programming Languages That Are Best For Software Development

Pretty much like software is the soul of the hardware; a programming language is the God of Software. Programming languages are the most important aspect of software development. You can’t really think of developing software if you don’t have the knowledge of at least one programming language. There are different types of programming languages that can be used to create software. There are some that are highly recommended and some that are not. Here’s a list of the most common and most useful programming languages used for software development.

important aspect of software development

  1. Java

If you have ever dreamed of creating software at any point in your life, there’s no way you would not know what Java is. Java is the most popular of programming languages that provides cross-platform compatibility and is object-oriented. When you enroll for software development course, chances are that you’d be taught Java. Most of the courses cover Java. Java is helpful in both software creation and Android app development.

  1. C and C++

C and C++ are actually two different programming languages. However, since C++ is the advanced version of C, we can talk about them in the same category. What makes C++ an advanced version is that it is object-oriented platform. Most advanced software of Windows and most of the best games have been developed using C++. However, both these languages need a thorough learning ability and a lot of commitment. It is not advisable for beginners.

  1. C# (C Sharp)

C sharp is Microsoft’s own version of Java, with quite a broad range of difference even so. C sharp is also object-oriented and a very responsive and high-performance language. However, it still lags behind when compared to C++. For people who are beginners, C sharp can be a good option besides Java.

  1. Objective- C or Cocoa

Ever wondered what kind of programming language is used to develop iOS and iOS based apps? The answer is Objective- C. Here again; Objective-C can be called as an extended version of the programming language C++. However, to add higher levels of features, it is coupled with Cocoa. When you compare it with Java and C++, the syntax and concepts are a lot more complex.

  1. Visual Basic

Visual Basic is yet another programming language that Microsoft has contributed. Visual Basic focuses on the creation of GUI based apps and is more of an event-driven language. This simply means that when you write a code, it reacts based on what the user does. For instance, if there’s a button the user clicks, it would elicit a response in your codes. This is a very easy to sue and easy to learn language, quite advisable for beginners to learn.

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