Online gaming: The national passtime of Korea

Korea is unquestionably obsessed with gaming. This is a country where professional gamers enjoy celebrity status and this pastime is enjoyed by almost all the people of the country. Gaming is in fact a part of the culture of the country, with live shows dedicated to gaming contests and people vying for professions in this area.

Online gaming at new levels

While many players choose to enjoy their games from the convenience of their homes, there are also gaming hubs located at every nook and corner dedicated to this pastime. With an hourly fee, these centres allow their members to enjoy the latest gaming versions and make it more interesting than the experience at home. The pass time is so popular, that it is even comparable to going to the cinemas or a pub in the western nations.

Online gaming has reached new levels in the country, with cyber competitions being a big deal. Millions of Koreans participate in these competitions and they are held at a national level every year. With the huge success of initiatives like Nexon and NCSOFT, gaming has reached new heights in the country. Every year, online competitions like World Cyber Games is hosted and people actively closely follow every stage of the competition.

Nevertheless, the strong video game culture has its own consequences. Keeping this factor in mind, the government is on an active move to minimize problems related to internet addiction. By passing laws regulating the operation of gaming centres and setting up clinics and treatment facilities for game addicts, the government seeks to keep the gaming culture under control and prevent it from becoming the be-all and end-all for the coming generations.