Nutrients required for a healthy human being

For the body to remain healthy and function properly, you need to consume the minerals regularly which are required by the body. All the important minerals are present in fenugreek seeds. They are very healthy for the body. When you consume fenugreek seeds, you get most of the vital minerals. Here is a list of all the important minerals which are contained in fenugreek seeds.


When a person ages, they are more prone to bone loss. This is caused due to lack of calcium in the body. In order to reduce bone disorder, it is recommended to consume atleast 400 to 1000 mg of calcium in a day. One of the best sources of calcium is fenugreek seeds. They provide the required amount of calcium to the body.


Deficiency of iron can make the body weak, decrease the concentration ability and makes the body susceptible to various infections. This is common for people due to the lack of proper nutrition. The daily intake of iron should be 18 to 21 mg per day. Consumption of fenugreek seeds will provide you a sufficient amount of iron. They contain many minerals including iron which is very important for the body.

fenugreek seeds



Fenugreek seeds also contain folate which is also good for the immune system, production of energy, preventing anemia and protection against stroke and other heart diseases. The requirement of folic acid ranges between 500- 100μg/day. Fenugreek seeds provide more folate than its requirement.


Consumption of fenugreek seeds also helps the body to deal with stress, build healthy bone and generate the required energy of the body. This is all taken care of by the magnesium present in the seeds. Include the seeds in your diet as it provides the required amount of 350 mg of magnesium per day.


In order to be healthy, you need to consume fenugreek seeds as they contain all of these minerals.