How and When to Potty Train Kids?

Toilet training or commonly referred to as potty training is a process of training the young ones to use toilet for urination or defecation. On an average the potty training can be started when the child is 22 to 30 months old. But as a parent one should keep in mind that the child should be trained to make use of the toilet only when he or she is physically and emotionally ready. Every child is different hence it is very important to keep their needs in mind before starting zindelijkheidstraining as the consent  of the child is necessary and he or she should be willing to cooperate.

Start Potty Training

Ideal Time to Start Potty Training

There is no preset time as the child should be physically and emotionally ready because when the child is pressurized the training can turn frustratingly long. Apart from this the parents are required to look for certain signs and traits that the child shows which ensure that it is the ideal time. The primary sign to look for is to see if the child is able to control his or her bowl and bladder muscles. If the child is seen to be having bowl movements at a specified time every day or the diaper remains dry even after the child has had a short nap. Other then this ensures that before starting zindelijkheidstraining the child has mastered the basic motor skills. This includes the child’s ability to walk and climb stairs. Emotional growth and social awareness is another important sign to look for as it helps in the long run.

Methods to Potty Training

Every child is different hence the training methods also might differ according to the psychology of the child. One of the proven techniques is to put a child toilet seat in the bathroom but do not pressurize the child. Educate the child about is and if he makes use of the same do not forget to praise them. Few words of encouragement can do wonders at times. Set out a time frame to teach the child like before he or she starts going to the school. Decide for a certain time of the day and encourage the child to make use of the potty so that at the end of the time frame they child is trained. Another important technique to train the child is the age old reward system. When your child learns to use the potty on his own it is no less than an achievement. Reward the child to keep him motivated in the future.


Potty training is often accompanied by accidents or setbacks therefore it is important that as a parent you do no not let the morale of the child get low. Reassure the child that there is nothing to be worried about. But in an endeavour to avoid accidents ensure that the potty is accessible to the child. If the child has not used the potty for a while make sure you remind the child about it. Potty training is a tough job and requires a lot of patience. Keeping calm is the only key to success here.