Connecting With People- Beyond Being the Attorney

Jay Sekulow is a well-known attorney, who is now in President Donald Trump’s personal legal team. Besides that, Jay Sekulow has been the Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, abbreviated as ACLJ. He has fought a number of cases in the Supreme Court. Most of his cases constituted the issues related to freedom of speech, freedom of religious liberty, and faith as a whole.

Jay, as an attorney has achieved remarkable success and has a vivid experience in the field. However, there are lesser known facts about Jay Sekulow. Some people know Sekulow as an author, while some other know him as a musician. Some also know Jay Sekulow to be the host of a radio program. This makes it obvious that Sekulow is an attorney, musician, author, and a host. While people know him exclusively, less number of people know that Sekulow does all of it, or is the same person. Jay Sekulow, besides being an attorney, also does a lot of other things that connects him even better with people.

Jay Sekulow Live

Jay Sekulow, as a musician is a part of a band called “the Jay Sekulow Band”. He is the drummer and the guitarist of the band. The band has a number of songs composed. The band follows the genres, like Rock and Christian friendly tunes. His band amalgamates music and law, which is something new. Jay Sekulow band also has a Facebook page has a huge number of followers and updates people of its activities. Jay Sekulow band is an ingenious way of connecting with people and sending law related messages across the crowd in a very creative way.

Jay Sekulow also hosts a radio program that is called “Jay Sekulow Live!”. Jay Sekulow uses this platform to discuss various issues that are really important and significant. He discusses legal and legislative topics and spreads the much needed awareness.

Jay Sekulow got interested in Christianity when he was young. From his extensive research, he found out how Christians have gone through a period of complete suppression and have been denied from their very basic rights. This led him to working towards the welfare of people, especially to preserve the freedom of religion and following one’s beliefs.

Jay Sekulow has written a number of books as well. His most popular book called “Rise of ISIS” talks about the lethality of ISIS and how it directly holds threat for the Christian population of the Middle East. He also emphasizes that ISIS is as a whole a big threat to the entire world. He has written a number of other books that contain a very deep insight into the history of Church and State relations and how it has changed over a period of time.  Sekulow’s contribution to the American society has been really remarkable stemming from his passion for his work.