Benefits Of Internet Radio

Internet radio has entered the market decades ago but has got popularized recently with internet becoming the most substantial tool of entertainment in modern days. It uses Streaming technology to distribute Internet radio. It can be done through any audio form like MP3, Windows Media Audio and HE-AAC (or aacPlus).The continuous transmission of audio data in an order over the internet is called Streaming. It is obtained in TCP or UDP packets and is assembled again and played after some time. This time gap is called Lag.

Free Internet Radio

Let us learn a few benefits of using internet radio.

Benefits of using internet radio:

  • Access to various radio stations which otherwise would be limited to your domicile.
  • Variety of options to choose from like music, live shows chat shows etc. For example if you are Bollywood songs lover you can tune in to specific channel and enjoy uninterrupted supply of music wherever you are irrespective of transmitters.
  • It does not have the hassles of downloading files to hard drive and hence you can enjoy full fledged entertainment any point of time.
  • You will listen to fewer commercials when compared to terrestrial radio because the cost of running an internet radio is lesser. On the other hand, traditional radio has to telecast huge number of commercials to pay bills.
  • The system requirements for n internet radio are very minimal. It runs on any computer with basic Windows or Linux versions.
  • The sound quality in Internet radio is better in Internet radio than that of terrestrial radio which is dependent on weather conditions.

Internet radio is definitely a better option if you are thinking of installing one. These days there are lot of apps which can be downloaded to your smart phone free of cost. So get fun filled day with endless entertainment with Internet radio.