3D Web Design – The Future of Web Development?

Website design and development have evolved over the past decade, from making use of simple HTML tags to using interactive software like Adobe Flash to create a functional website. Website layouts have also evolved from the outdated tables and frames to varying artistic media such as minimalism and Adobe Photoshop. Website developers are also making use of third party languages to add more functionality in a website, like PHP and ASP.NET for database management, JAVASCRIPT for added page function, and CSS for making layouts easier. Today, another trend is starting in website development: 3D website designs.

3D website designs

3D is not actual 3D

When I am talking about 3D visualisation for website, I do not mean the equivalent of what you see in movies or cartoons. 3D website designs simply involve layouts, icons, and themes that have a 3-Dimensional effect, like a button is popping out of the background or a logo looks like its popping out of the screen. 3D designs are always nice to look at, and when applied to the basics of website design, it makes the website look more interactive, but is it the future that web development is looking forward to?

Adding richness to the page

Adding 3D elements to your website design can certainly add richness to your page. 3D designs are meant to give off a certain illusion which attracts people and keeps them there. However, one should note that it is difficult to gauge the effectiveness of these 3D elements in terms, and it is also difficult to gauge the impact of 3D design on a web designer’s ability. A website with 3D elements, such as buttons and icons, can really stand out from the crowd or its competitors. It becomes unique on its own and when 3D design is implemented properly, it makes the website more impressive. With 3D elements, the goal of the designer is to create a certain depth or illusion to the website.

3D is popular

3D website elements have become so popular these days , that website design degree programs and coldfusion developers are now geared towards maximizing the potential of individual websites using 3D technology. Though it is a recent advancement in the field of website design, one might safely predict that 3D website design will continue to grow over the new few years and will prove to be a new development in itself. Though we still lack the technology and skills to create full 3D websites, this is already a good start.